I woke up today with the craziest idea: I mean crazy in a medical sense: power to the people!

Wednesday, May the 26th: I have my two rallye bikes I am currently rebuilding, massive job, as I not only have to rebuild the whole bike and convert every part back into working condition, but as well re-manufacture some items. Well, tonight I thought about building another bike. I need to get some treatment on this, this is not normal: I want to build a replica of the 1985 FZT 750 (4-cyl., almost 260kg, 90 to 100HP!!), but against the original with a FZR 1000 engine (130HP)!!! The fastest off-road bike every build! There is no tyre to manage, but what the hack…no risk, no fun!

It was the first prototype (with the original modified frame of the FZ 750 street bike!!) for the 1986 (FZT 750) and 1987 (YZE 920T !) Dakar bikes. The bike was build in France as JCO (Jean-Claude Olivier) was tired of loosing with a single against the twin bikes of the competition (BMW, Cagiva and Honda), because of a lack of power on the long desert straights. The project was given up in 1989 with the introduction of the YZE 750T twin, my YZE 750T, HAH! I said it before, CRAZY! But so sweet too. I know what it takes, I got a good informational base and I got the skill to do it. Bikes to start with are cheap…the only thing which is holding me back for the moment is the complete de-assembled YZE 750T in my garage…and the story Jean-Claude Olivier told us about the original bike: He crashed with a broken frame…

JCO on the first FZT 750 1985 // picture YMF