Ingo Loechert

Who is Ingo Loechert?

Ingo is one of my closest friends. The story how we met, is nicely indicating our somewhat weird relationship:

Mid 1980’s in Berlin: I was in a group of off-road loving guys riding illegally around the Berlin forest grounds. At this time the was a guy we talk and smiled about, because he was practising his wheely skills (driving on the rear wheel)  and measured his progress through counting how many street lights he could pass on the rear wheel. Man, he was crazy…

We met a few times on the inner city highway, but never really talked a lot. We finally got to talk a bit while meeting again and again at the local Yamaha dealer, where I was first customer, then mechanic, then the service manager. I figured out, that this guy is REALLY crazy, so I found my match in craziness!

Ingo, Norbert and I 2003 in Kerzenheim- from left to right

I have to state that as my live developed I left my passionate past on my Ténéré a few times behind me. It was most likely, when I was in Berlin and met with my good old friends (not to forget about Andreas and Norbert!!), that I was again intoxicated with my past. This let into several, of course very expensive, ventures preparing again my good old bike for a meeting we wanted to attend all together. Ingo was never away, he was the blood line to follow and lived our idea all along. He eventually started his website as a project once he had to change his profession to become a web and graphic designer. I donated me entire archive of pictures, informations and as well brochures and stuff to his website. Ingo created an online archive for the complete story of the Yamaha XT and Ténéré bikes in general and the Rallye bikes of the Dakar in specific. This is today this biggest and most complete reference to find information concerning the mentioned subject. You should visit and get an idea how big this story is, and get a sip out of the holy grail of the Dakar spirit. Ingo is a dear friend and has become a real expert when it comes to the Ténéré and Dakar history. My online activities will not interfere with his, we will rather work even closer on keep telling the story of some real heroes.

His Bikes: XT 600Z 34L, XT 600Z 1VJ Rallye Replica

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