• Confidentiality
  • Current Expertise
  • Cluster of Outstanding Professionals
  • Virtual Factory Concept
  • References
  • Michael Gampfer: A classical entrepreneur…

    On the following pages I like to give an overview what kind of services I am providing.

    I like to emphasis that the decision to start my own business was driven by the thought that it must be possible under today’s difficult circumstances, particularly in the automotive/motorcycle industry, to provide honourable and straight ethical services without compromise.

    I believe, especially today, this is more important than ever.

    So, on the following pages you find:

    1. Current expertise: In this section you will find all services we are providing and could provide.
    2. References: is giving you an overview what kind of reactions our customers expressed.
    3. Cluster of professional gentleman: Is a subjective “best of” list. You find here some suggested professionals in various fields I am networked with. There is no guarantee that you are happy with these guys, BUT they have all the skill and capability, equipment and most important the right attitude to provide a first class service and product. This list is my bow for people which inspire me to do better every day.
      If you need something out of the field of there expertise, get in touch and find out yourself, you won’t be disappointed!
    4. Virtual factory concept: Here is the further logic of the before mentioned. I am networking with a group of professionals which are very motivated and capable to execute any kind of project without the up scale cost backpack. We are organized as individuals, but with a single point of contact approach for our customers. Every involved professional is in his field of expertise fully capable and empowered to solve and perform the asked tasks. There is no option for any excuse or delay. Our customers get a solution by the best in the industry, without the cost and slow action of a major corporate partner. The evolving questions in regard to responsibility and liability will be sufficiently answered.
    5. Confidentiality: This subject will be described as our daily partner and every effort will be taken to ensure our clients to be in the best hands.

    Please feel free to share your impressions on this with me on a constructive level, thank you!