Virtual Factory Concept

Competition helps to provide the best possible and advanced solution!

In today’s world everything is about cost.

Of course this is hard to discuss, but we believe that cheap cannot be the solution either.

We think that the focus should be the best value for money. In order to provide that, we are able to provide tailored solutions for every technical, or organisational task. We just leave the unnecessary items for a certain task off the quote/invoice.

What does this mean: Well, a corporation, even if they are very advanced in there field, will always carry more then necessary overhead, simply out of the individual view of a potential customer. This, given today’s cost scenario in central Europe, is creating a disadvantage which is not suitable for today’s lean manufacturing methodology.

We are able to provide a group of freelancers, which have only the best reputations and will be organized in a project team as to the desired/needed expertise, not more, not less.

This concept is giving the flexibility and technical superiority over all existing competition, as we are not obliged to work with someone in a field of expertise, but with chosen ones.

A welcomed side effect is the fact that such a team works very motivated and efficient, as we are not obliged to comply with working hours or any other kind of restricted environment, other then the legal ones of course.

Our commitment is to provide for a given task, a professional team with undoubted expertise and create an environment with 4 objectives:

  1. Single point of contact => Our customers don’t need to find the empowered responsible, capable person at a supplier, but has a single point of contact to address all subjects of concern and a request for information.
  2. Cost transparency => As we work basically as individuals, we are able to provide not only a detailed quote with every item to finalise a task/project, but we are able to provide an open book calculation as well. Ask your current supplier if he is willing to do that! We think it is your right to know what you pay for!
  3. Budgetary consistency => Our customers are in the advanced position of having a cost control through the mentioned transparency as well as the best available idea to meet the budgetary demands. We commit! Meaning that a deal is a deal. We will generate a detailed order contract, where both parties agreed what has been ordered. If these parameters change, we will have to find again an agreement. The point is, that we will not renegotiate with our clients as we feel this is inappropriate given that the circumstances didn’t change.
  4. Liability => Your liability needs will be taken care of as needed and beyond. In any case we will have the appropriate set up agreed prior to any activity from our side. We are aware that there is no advantage in creating more complexity to a supplier base, that’s why we are able to legally define our set up as to your individual needs, that means we will be able to provide legally a partner to you, which is for example already an existing supplier. Please talk to us and raise your questions for a more detailed clarification.

Talk to us and find out how we operate and challenge us to find out the our commitment to provide best in class solution is not a statement but a fact.

We are looking forward to hear from you.

If you like to approach our public experts directly, please check our “cluster of professionals” page.

Please beware that this is showing only the ones which like to be publicly mentioned. Our cluster is much larger then that. Some of our experts decided to stay more in the background, but they are never the less ready to act any time.