YZE 750T Super Ténéré Rallye Bike

A dream comes true…YZE 750T Super Ténéré Sonauto Yamaha Factory Dakar Rallye Bike

I picked up my own Dakar factory twin Sonauto Yamaha Rally bike.

I am so exited that I bought as well a second one, but let’s stick with this one first.

This is really exiting! The purchase of such bikes was considered for so many years simply impossible. You need to realize that other manufactures are trashing there factory bike (except maybe one or two for the museum – Honda for example).

It was really a one in a life time opportunity to actually being able to buy such a motorcycle. So what are talking about here?

We are looking at a YZE 750T (set up for sprint rallies like the rallye Tunisia, all other Dakar parts are waiting in my garage….the engine was later upgraded to a 850cc). This is a very special one, where there was only one single piece build with a frame from the French “frame artist” Alain Chevallier. I will post the details later. So pure prototype technology, very light (exp. 180Kg dry) and powerful (exp. 85HP). I will start to post all the details and secrets of that fantastic motorcycle here over the time of its rebuild.

Have fun!

  • #1 written by iggy
    about 12 years ago

    You must consider yourselves a very fortunate person.
    I was at Yamaha France this spring, we were invited to look at the Rally bikes and sat on them, it was a dream come true.
    I cannot even imagine your experience

  • #2 written by admin
    about 12 years ago

    Thank you very much! Yes, I consider this being a very unique opportunity I took there….good day to you!

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