• Andreas Bath
  • Ingo Loechert
  • Norbert Eisensee
  • A true friendship is harder to accomplish then everything else!

    I have friends and I have pals.

    “Friend” is the most raped terminology of all times. Is most cases, for some people in all cases, they talk about friends meaning pals, so people you like to hang out with, have fun and stuff. That is first of all a pal!

    A friend has it’s only close comparison in a family member. Friendship means I am there for you as much as you are there for me. Even though we may not talk for a year, the boundary remains the same. It is easy to call something friendship when every thing is super smooth and happy. You need real friends most when it is not! Theses are moments when you find out if you are having a friend in someone, or just a pal.

    I have the privilege to have the best friends. We share not only fun, but pain and struggle as well. They know, once they need me, I am already on my way and vice versa.

    This is not a hollow phrase, but reality! Doubts? Well, ask my friends then…

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