What is AU-VI-TE?

AUVITE stands for:

AU – audire > Latin, meaning:  to listen

VI – videre > Latin, meaning: to see

TE – tenere > Latin, meaning: to understand, to hold onto to sth.

I was seeking to find my own terminology to express somehow who I am. Today’s world has become very shallow and crowded. I consider it a privilege and show my respectful attitude in listening, seeing and understanding first before I act. I faced to often people which take decisions just to take decisions and change therefore direction and suggested stand of point every day twice.

This is not to be mixed up with any hesitance to take a decision!

Where are your services available?

We are mainly located in the area around Salzburg, Austria in central Europe. Many of us, including myself, have been around a lot, like the US, Middle East, Northern Africa and the Far East.

There are no general limits where to perform a duty.

Why do you post all this in English?

Well, I am a multicultural person. I embrace the foreign and I have been travelling a lot. I like to consider myself first of all European, then as German. I want to create an international profile of who I am and what I stand for, that’s why I choose to post in English. OK, there is another good reason: it is also less work, because one language seems good enough and half the effort…

Is there any story to your graphics / logo?

Of course there is: This is the actual foot print of a real tyre trace. Well, not just some tyre, but the most successful rallye tyre ever. For over 20 years the Michelin Desert tyre wins the toughest rallies on the planet, lately the 2010 Dakar. No one has yet succeeded to create a better tyre for these types of ventures. I thought such an icon is just good enough to symbolize that I like to leave a foot print on earth, one which is recognized in a good favour.

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