The MiGa-Tech Story

MiGa-Tech, what’s this all about…?

Ever since I modified Bikes I thought I should brand it somehow.

I started to modify and repair technical items very early in age.

I can’t really tell how it started but I remember that once something was broken in the house or at my bicycle I was either able to fix it ore mess it up completely. My mom used to take that with great patience, as she got really exited once I was able to fix something, that she forgave me at times when I didn’t. Of course she was getting sometimes a little upset when a modification on my bicycle did not really work and she had to take it to a shop. Believe it or not, this went on even when I started with motorcycles at the age of 16. But because of my embarrassment I didn’t tell her about the unsuccessful operation any more.

It was time for me to get the necessary knowledge to modify to optimise, instead of modify to make it worse. Well, I think it is fair to state that I learned it! It is also fair to state that many free time mechanics never learn it.

When I became more knowledgeable and successful in my modification, I started labelling them with MiGa-Tech, which meant: Michael Gampfer Technik.

My ideology in modifying bikes follows those principles:

  1. The modification must have a beneficiary functionality
  2. Functionality is key, if it doesn’t work/operate properly, then it is junk, even when the part is fantastic in appearance. I really hate glossy, shiny parts, which do not work properly, this is really bad. I rather mount something dull and imperfect in appearance with an improved performance, then be the glitter man.
  3. Does not fit, does not exist.
  4. Tailoring and tuning in a sense of carefully finding the best overall performance is what makes me tick. Not the best individual components make the best bike, but the best overall performance and drive ability.

Every bike I build and every Bike I modified was labelled with that brand name. At the time of me working professionally in a workshop this was even my nick name.

In the last couple of years I let this hang a little bit, but I will reappraise MY brand with all the bikes I have in my pipeline. So, MiGa-Tech is alive, it is even more actual then ever!

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