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    Please find here more detailed informations about Michael Gampfer, who I am, where I come from, …well not quite:

    To fill in some spots:

    I am German citizen, born and raised in western Berlin.

    So I saw it all, how the wall came down, the reunion of the former two German states and yeah, I was in the middle of all that.

    I grew up in a multi cultural melting pot, very unusual experiences. We had at the time French, British and American troupes stationed in Berlin and Berlin was at the time the 3rd largest Turkish population. So, lot’s of different languages and spirits, but it was very nice even though life was rough, but had a lot of spice to it too.

    I enjoyed growing up under these conditions, well I had no real choice, did I?

    As the special spirit in Berlin was fading in the mid/end 90’s I decided to move away.

    I have been a while in Frankfurt, but as well in Saudi Arabia, Dubai and Kuwait City, as well as Egypt and Morocco. I spent a lot of time in the United States, too. Since 2000 I live in Salzburg, Austria

    I love Berlin, especially as it has become nice again in the last couple of years. Still, I wouldn’t go back, as my life quality in Salzburg is really unbeatable and I like a smaller and quieter community better now. I assume it might be a matter of age….