SPECIAL: Professional Motorcycle Restauration

Very limited capacity to rebuild classical young timer motorcycles…

As you might noticed is the rebuilding of motorcycles much more then just a hobby for me. It has become a dedicated obsession. I am a certified and acknowledged master bike builder and master craftsman. For selected individual projects I like to offer this service to valuable customers, which look for nothing but a non compromise job on a young timer motorcycle. My focus is on bikes which state 1980 or younger.

For bikes prior to 1980 please contact Michael Holzer www.oldtimer-restaurierung.at . He is the best in this job on classical oldtimer bikes. He is able to sculpture metal to his will.

I build during the last 20 years about 30 bikes, most of which from scratch with heavy modifications, but as well some to it’s very original condition.

Please consult with updates on your classical bike as well as for “original” replicas of classical rallye bikes.

Each offer will be discussed in detail as this is of course a very individual task. I am not interested to create work for me and the possible profits, but to offer some of my talent to those which appreciate a professional advice and service.

This service is offered for very selfish reason: My pleasure to turn junk again into something beautiful.

The most important thing aside the unquestioned craftsmanship and a perfect documentation: The final result needs to vitalise the original spirit again, so it is easy to be over done. The spirit and the original soul of a bike should be preserved. This does not mean that we shouldn’t improve the durability and the performance within respect of the mentioned limits.

Please forgive me if I am not able to accept all enquiries, as this is not my main job, but only a very limited, decent respectful offer to my soul mates.

MiGa-Tech Restauration 1VJ Ténéré 2004