Current Expertise

Where do we work…? What do we do…?

Please find here a selection of our field of expertise.

This is to be considered indicative, so please feel free to approach us, even though the mentioned expertise is not a 100% match for what you are looking for.

We are able to provide a service from the first design idea till the final inspected and tested product out of one hand with the best possible cost effectiveness!

  • General automotive / motorcycle industry projects, such as:
    • Development of components in reinforced fiber applications and metal
    • Manufacturing of components in reinforced fiber and metal
    • Consulting on regard of manufacturability, cost and technological options
    • Project management, cost and timing control
    • Prototyping
  • CFRP, AFRP, GFRP => fiber reinforced plastics:
    • Components design, calculation and manufacturing with the following reinforcing materials:
    • Carbon fiber, aramid fiber ( Kevlar®), glass fiber, mineral fiber, polyamid fiber, etc.
    • Various curing technologies, such as autoclave, out of autoclave prepreg, wet lamination, infusion, resin transfer moulding (RTM)
    • Involvement and guidance for projects, such as F1, Le Mans, DTM, GT1, GT2 and high end series cars
  • Industrial structural applications of composite material
  • Designing and building of tools or any other metal or plastic structure as we have access to first class milling shops with up to date machinery. We are able to provide milled / machined components not only in many different materials (steel, high grade steel, aluminium 7075, but as well titanium and wolfram). Please consult us for your desired accuracy demands. We are able to provide a machine list as well.

To summarize: We are able to realize projects from the first design idea till the delivered and tested final product. You decide which level you like us to engage.
Please advice on what direct reference you need for us to proof capability for a project as we tailor our project team not only to the customers needs, but to the project needs, not more, not less.