Quiz Dakar Expert 1

Who was the founder and heart of the Paris-Dakar Rallye?

What happend to the founder of the Paris-Dakar Rallye?

Who is Jean-Claude Olivier?

When was the first year a real Yamaha factory prototype bike participated on the Dakar-Rallye?

When was the first year Yamaha raced a 2-cylinder on the Paris-Dakar Rallye?

How often has Stefane Peterhansel won the Paris-Dakar Rallye on a motorcycle?

Which legendary belgium hero won the Paris-Dakar rallye 2 times on BMW?

Which tyre was the by far most successful on the Paris-Dakar Rallye?

What is this?

What is the story behind the colour of the french Yamaha Rallye bikes?

  • #1 written by Fred333
    about 11 years ago

    nine out of ten ! I´m good!

  • #2 written by Marco
    about 11 years ago

    10 out of 10 :)

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