• YZE 660T Ténéré Rallye Bike
  • YZE 750T Super Ténéré Rallye Bike
  • The priorities of my currently defined projects:

    Please find here the ranking of project which will keep me busy for a while:

    1. Restoring of a Yamaha YZE 750T Super Ténéré factory rallye bike → STATUS: bike is completely in pieces and parts being reworked. Assembly scheduled for week 29, 2010.
    2. Restoring of a Yamaha YZE 660T Ténéré factory rallye bike → STATUS: tanks are being restored/repaired, bike is a rolling chassis, but needs full service as it is out of service since 1987.
    3. Restoring of a Yamaha XT 600Z Ténéré 55W from 1985 → STATUS: Bike is complete and untouched, running order
    4. Restoring of a Yamaha XT 550 5Y3 from 1983 → STATUS: Bike is in pieces, parts being reworked
    5. Building a Yamaha XT 550 Paris-Dakar Replica from 1982 → STATUS: parts are 90% complete, frame needs to be welded and parts are tailored and adapted.
    6. Evolutionize my very own MiGa-Tech 1VJ Ténére with the following properties: engine update to 660cc, aluminium gas tank, aluminium swing arm, conventional front fork, reduce weight by another 10Kg´(then 130Kg dry!!), modify frame for new Tank and air cleaner solution. → STATUS: untouched
    7. Building a Yamaha FZT 1000 Ténéré rallye bike → STATUS: concept phase
    1982 XT550 n°104 Dakar