Norbert Eisensee

Who is Norbert “Norbi” Eisensee?

Yeah Norbert, I think I should write a book about Norbert, about passion, about gifted talent and about fragility, about a package of the coolest analytic rational and a moment later, an outbreak of passionate excitement. Norbert is not easy to capture, like myself, I suppose.

Norbert and his XT 550

Norbi is the real artist in our gang. I met him back in the early 80’s when he was driving idle speed while I was walking aside him.

Doesn’t sound real interesting, well, he was on the rear wheel of MY DT 80LC bike, which I could’nt wheely properly at the time.

I hated him instantly!

Today Norbert is still competing in some real top notch races, he still improves his outstanding capabilities on 2 wheels with his trial bike.

He driving the most different bikes and is a lot on the road elsewhere to evaporate some sand.

Norbert is as well something like my peace of conscience, always there to motivate me, always there with good advice, Norbert is just the greatest guy!

His bikes: XT 550, XT 600Z Ténéré, BETA RR 525, BETA Evo 250, KTM 990 Adventure

Norbert at the Erzberg 2005

Norbert on a XTZ 750R in Kerzenheim 2003